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Logotypes 2016-2017

The following collection includes the visual identities designed for wide range of clients across diverse industry sectors such as fashion, beauty products, health institutions and clinics. entertainment, pharmaceutical sector, prestigious scientific universities such as Maastricht University Lund University, Karolinska Institute Sweden, Jagiellonian University). Building brand strategies for complex technologies, innovative formulas and ingredients. In 12 years of experience in business design for mostly Scandinavian and USA clients our work succeed in achievement of award winning products: 
2015 CLIENT: NattoPharma AS Norway. | PRODUCT: MenaQ7 PURE Named Best New Ingredient at Natural Products Expo West 
2013 CLIENT: Greanleaf Medical AS Sweden. | PRODUCT: Appethyl Best New Ingredient at the recent NutrAward presented at ExpoWest  

A designer must be an illusionist, a child, a simpleton, a genius, a clairvoyant​​​​​​​

copyrights by Milosz Poprawski & Radmir Volk

Business intelligence consultancy supporting clients facing the rapidly fluctuating economy. our focus is to create emotional bonds between consumers and brands consciousness influencing our life choices. the ventures that embrace the experience economy - and the data that powers it - are the only ones who will thrive.

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