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inception agency 2018

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We decided to discover new horizons where triggering disturbance of "ugly beauty" as a part of brand experience might cause interesting impact. We use typical standard bold imagery,3d and motion elements all kept in futuristic and dark aesthetics. We also designed a set of unconventional collaterals given to investors. 
The project is only a short showcase and we cannot reveal details due to NDA.Inception​ is a design & communication consultancy agency operating worldwide based in 2014. In 2018 we have created sophisticated identity system which took Inception to higher level. Brand potential was successfully introduced to the market in 2019 winning a contract with PKN Orlen. Successful contract enable inception squad to join City.com.pl executive production and advertising house with numerous red dots award

Business intelligence consultancy supporting clients facing the rapidly fluctuating economy. our focus is to create emotional bonds between consumers and brands consciousness influencing our life choices. the ventures that embrace the experience economy - and the data that powers it - are the only ones who will thrive.

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