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Disciple & Rolling Stones

We had a pleasure to design new UX/UI website for Disciple the UK leader in the emerging technology category of community media - services that combine the interactivity of social media, with the control of oDisciple & Rolling stones owned media.

Disciple's platform makes it easy for community managers, be they individuals, institutions, or businesses, to build their own mobile-first community spaces.
Since our inception, Disciple has expanded from musicians and bands to support communities of all shapes, sizes and ideals - for actors, YouTubers, lifestyle gurus, public institutions, publishing companies and political figures. Of course our huge drive was to create for Rolling Stones and others stars amazing exeperience 

Brand science studio specialised in creating progressive and impactful business design concepts We love to cross boundries between whats linear and non linear thats the place where some dreams come true.

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